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Julie Testimonial

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and had a bilateral mastectomy. I decided to get implants and have nipples tattooed on. After seeing the scarring and how ugly it looked, nipples were no longer and option. I was SO self conscious I wouldn't date. After contacting Ink Ribbon Foundation I was able to get my scars covered.  They introduced me to Steven who would be doing the work. I wanted something as a tribute to myself and in memory of my mother in law who passed from lung cancer that involved the ocean and surfing. His artwork was PERFECT!!!  His professionalism and kindness were just the same, PERFECT!!!! After all I was topless with ugly boobs.  When Steven was done, that's ALL I wanted to do.....SHOW THEM TO EVERYONE!!!!  My experience with Steven Shaw at inkd iconic image....PERFECT!!!  


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