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Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP) is a permanent cosmetic procedure that mimics the short hair follicles of a closely shaved scalp.  SMP offers clients another treatment option for individuals that are willing to keep their hair (by adding density) or to cut their hair close to scalp level.  SMP is extremely versatile in its application as SMP can also provide excellent camouflage of previous scalp treatments, reductions, hair transplants surgery scarring, and previous injuries that are disfiguring and noticeable.

SMP can be used for male or female clients- virtually anyone wanting to achieve a fuller appearance on their head.  SMP is referred to as a permanent cosmetic procedure and has increased in popularity over the last decade.  The association of permanent cosmetics with active lifestyles, beauty influences from magazines, movies, and TV, as well as another option in the medical industry has lead to the increase of SMP acceptance as a valid treatment for hair loss. Some men and women simply choose SMP without hair loss as it is very low maintenance hairstyle.

SMP is not surgery and will not grow your hair however; it is a completely non-invasive procedure that applies small pigment impressions placed on the scalp in a precise manner which replicates the appearance of hair follicles.  The goal is that every impression represents a single hair follicle that is indistinguishable, providing the client an attractive, low maintenance style.

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