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What is SMP?

SMP-Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical procedure of inserting pigments through the dermal layer of the scalp. The placement of pigment replicates hair follicles and blend with the clients skin tone and complexion. The use of a unique blended pigments and advanced techniques, SMP replicate a realistic appearance of a close haircut.


How does SMP differ from a tattoo?

SMP differs in a variety of ways from a traditional tattoo. First the pigments are designed for this procedure alone, created for each individuals tone and under normal circumstances will not change the color in time. Secondly the depth of the pigment is designed for this procedure and does not penetrate as deeply as a traditional tattoo.


Can SMP disguise Scars and Hair Loss?

Yes SMP can camouflage and reduce the visibility of most scars from previous surgeries, injuries or natural thinning of the hair. This makes the technique viable for men or women.


Does SMP hurts?

Pain tolerance is dependent on each individual and varies from person to person. A topical and numbing agent is used throughout procedure and most experience a mild discomfort similar to a series of small pin pricks but usually subsides after a few hours after treatment.


How long is the treatment?

The treatment usually consists of 2-3 sessions that take approximately 2-4 hours.


Will I see immediate Results?

Yes, you will see the difference from after the first session. They maybe some initial redness for the first few days-similar to mild sun exposure. Most clients find that this treatment is not noticeable to others is very discreet. After the 3rd treatment you will understand the complete overall effect and we assure  you will be pleased with the treatment.


At what age may I undergo SMP?

We do not treat minors under 18 years of age without parental consent.


What happens if I go Grey?

We can blend colors for subsequent treatments and can touch up areas to consider this changes.


Do I have to shave my head bald?

No, this treatment can be done with longer hair as in a treatment for women with overall hair thinning. Most men shave their hair to the shortest length they will ever wear their hair for optimal results.

Is SMP removable?

Yes, laser treatments can be used to erase the treatment.

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