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nipple restoration

What is the 3D Nipple Procedure?

The cosmetic technician will create the illusion of a natural nipple and areola.  This is performed when the areola and/or nipple is lost as part of the mastectomy procedure.  This procedure is the finishing touch applied to the clients’ breast reconstruction.  By adding the natural coloring and dimensional artwork, the breast will be enhanced to a natural appearance and in some cases the appearance of scar tissue and scar lines can be reduced.  This technique can be performed with or without nipple protrusions and will be discussed in detail during consultation.

The Procedure and Expectations

A consultation is required.  Size, shape, color and esthetics will be discussed as well as any questions you may have regarding this procedure putting your mind at ease and ensuring you that you are going to receive quality work in a sterile environment. This consultation is free.

Once you have chosen to have this procedure, an appointment will be made specific to your needs.

Paperwork will be required. This will include general health history, surgeries performed, consent for treatment and photos of before and after treatments

The procedure may take 1-2 sessions and as in all cosmetic tattooing, may require a touchup from time to time. Special pigments are implanted into skin and the procedure will normally take 1-2 hours depending on your needs. The pigments will appear darker and brighter immediately after the procedure, but as the skin heals this will lessen into a natural skin tone.


When can the Procedure Be Performed?

Areola Restorative 3D nipple tattooing can be performed once all reconstructive breast surgeries are completed and the scar tissue has healed. 

Is This Procedure safe?

We invite you to consult with your physician and or surgeon prior to opting for this procedure.  Yes, this is safe, but no procedure comes without risks, such as an allergic reaction, swelling, and discomfort.  Inkd Iconic Image will provide a sterile and safe environment licensed with the Southern Nevada Health Department and certified cosmetic technicians well versed in the art of cosmetic tattooing.

Post procedure instructions will be given to ensure an optimal healing process.

Does It Hurt?

All pain tolerances are different, but Inkd Iconic Image will make you as comfortable as possible with procedure.  There are topical numbing creams that can be used, but most clients feel the procedure is tolerable and there may be some loss of sensation to the area due to surgeries dulling the sensation of having a cosmetic tattoo enhancement.

Can I bring a support person to my appointment?



Why Have Areola Reconstructive 3D Nipple Procedure?

*After surgeries for mastectomy this procedure creates a natural finish to breast reconstruction.

*To darken light areola pigment

*To change visual irregularities of areolas

*What to Avoid Before Appointment?

*Please make sure you eat prior to procedure. 

*Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. 

*Try to avoid alcohol prior to appointment. 

*DO NOT stop taking any prescribed medications as this is not an invasive procedure.

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